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Building Management

Our additional services

Winter Maintenance

In cooperation with an expert partner, we offer winter maintenance services that you can rely upon.   Day or night, we will eliminate ice and snow from surfaces of all sizes and roads.

Garden Services

Using the appropriate technology, we will take responsibility for your lawn, border and hedge care.  We can also deliver firewood and take care of transport, clearance work, and cleaning. 
Our garden services take care of vegetation throughout the year, so that your outdoor areas remain consistently clean and properly maintained.

Caretaker Services

Our professional caretakers ensure that your property operations are run smoothly.  They are always available to give help and advice.  Our caretaking services span the wide range of your needs, from maintaining heating systems to keeping stairwells clean and changing light bulbs.  Our attention to detail will satisfy your every expectation.

Waste Disposal

With specialized competence, responsibility and commitment, we will develop the proper solution for all of your waste management needs.

Our waste disposal solutions are individualized, tailored to your specific needs.  We provide the appropriate personnel to deal with waste disposal securely.  Our waste disposal facilities and waste management logistics have been tested for quality assurance.

TÜV-certified in
environmental management
TÜV-certified in
quality management
TÜV-certified in service quality and customer satisfaction as service partner of Munich Trade Fair "Top grade" in partner satisfaction